Our ethos at Garnham Family Office Services is a Culture of Care and we aim to save you money on your quest of achieving your goals. We are independent, neutral and unbiased. 

We know the solutions available, how and where best to implement, but you, the client, are in the driving seat as to picking what most suits you. We will be there to guide you and communicate in a simple language so you can make the right decisions to protect your wealth from unpleasant complications, investigations and nasty litigation. 

We save you money and time by achieving the following:

If you have an existing structure we can

  • Review your wealth ownership structure and point out any weaknesses; e.g. are the right people in control? Are your family members as involved as you'd like them to be? Are your concerns accounted for by your existing structure?
  • If no, we offer a strategic plan forward and if yes then we will say so

If you do not have an existing structure we can

  • Identify your priorities by working closely with you and your family
  • Explore with you who should be in control and why
  • Offer a strategic plan of action to execute your needs
  • Be available to answer queries and guide

We work with you to protect you and your wealth.