Classics Stand the Test of Time

Garnham Family Office Services are the trust specialists in the private client industry. Trusts are one of the most powerful tools in wealth planning. 

They have been used by wealthy families for centuries and we pride ourselves in being able to offer long-term solutions lasting generations to our client families.

Trusts are extremely effective in protecting your assets from litigation, ensuring privacy and offering smooth succession.

If you are wealthy and don't have a trust, why not? Have you protected your assets effectively?

Garnham FOS has worked with some of the most inspirational families in the world for decades. We bring unmatched value to the table by drawing on our extensive experience and efficiently identifying the family's priorities, their needs and concerns, and scoping out the solutions. We make sure that the client creates the structure which most suits their circumstances and that they understand the process so they are in control of it. 

Our solutions are robust, long-term and have the client's values at its core.

Trusts are a brilliant way to achieve all your goals and can provide you and your family with a team of professionals who we like to call 'The Ring of Confidence'. 

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  • Asset Protection
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  • Succession Planning
  • UK Trustee Services - HighTrust International
  • Tax Mitigation


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