First Step: How Private are your Finances?

Privacy for UHNW international families, used to be - out of sight and mind; no longer. All financial institutions across the globe as from 2018, have to collate and report on all non resident clients. This is an OECD initiative called the Common Reporting Standard or the Automatic Exchange of Information. As a result, sensitive financial information may get into hands which will want to challenge, investigate or claim a share.

GFOS has decades of experience in protecting international wealth. Our ethos is to listen to the concerns and ambitions of our clients, put in place such structures as will best serve the client and its family and then continue to guide with the assistance of our wide network of experts.

As one satisfied client said, about the work we have done for him over the last 18 years, ‘Garnham and the structure she created for me has stood the test of time, and I am confident will continue to do so for many decades to come’.




GFOS only works with clients who are tax compliant.