Garnham FOS is used to instructing professionals on behalf of our UHNW families. Professionals are keen to work with a family office which has taken time to get to know the concerns and priorities of families so they can focus on the work which needs to be done. 

Garnham FOS works with professionals able and willing to do the work. Wherever possible we prepare a schedule of the work required, a timetable to deliver  and report on progress to the client against this schedule. All unexpected concerns and issues not included in the schedule must first be notified to Garnham FOS before the work is carried out and adjustments to the fees negotiated where necessary to avoid any nasty surprises. Where a dispute occurs Garnham FOS will act on behalf of the UHNW family to negotiate a settlement. In this way the client is kept fully informed and fees are paid on time.

By appointing Garnham FOS both the professionals and the UHNW families save time and money.