Third Stage; GFOS your professional weather vane. 

GFOS will not leave you to figure out how best to manage your trust and its assets once you have set up a GFOS special purpose trustee or even before. We are always available to advise you and your family on how to keep up to date, how to keep management costs down and how to ensure that all decisions taken by your executive team are in line with your wishes.

Through our network of professional advisers we can carry out for you an independent audit of all your investments whether in trust or owned personally; liquid or illiquid, private equity, property, funds, bonds, debt, luxury items or joint ventures, are you getting a good return on your investments, are you paying too much for too little, we let you know and if you need to refresh some aspects of your wealth our professional team can get you the right advisers at the right price?

To retain GFOS is to engage a professional weather vane - we make it our job to see which way the wind is blowing in all aspects of your wealth and in all other areas too; to maintain family harmony, survive a divorce, protect where possible your privacy, provide protection for your assets, smooth business succession and whatever is of importance to you and your family.

GFOS is there for you whenever the wind changes direction and to take action on your behalf before the wind blows into a storm.