Garnham FOS identifies and appoints professionals able and willing to implement solutions agreed with the family. It reports back to the family on progress being made against a schedule of works and timetable. This saves the professionals time and money so that they can get on doing what they do best. 

Garnham FOS takes care not only to identify the priorities of the UHNW family, but also its circumstances and concerns. For some families saving tax is not paramount, whereas for others it is. In most cases the professionals will need to meet the client to confirm instructions, but these meetings can be kept to a minimum. Where necessary meetings can be facilitated by Garnham FOS in a timely manner.

Professionals are busy. They need to work towards deadlines and resolve issues and problems as they arise. Garnham FOS provides the necessary bridge between the client and the professionals to report, monitor progress and explain complex issues where necessary. In this way the client understands the value of the service being provided and the professionals can focus on delivering a quality service without concerns as to whether or not they will be paid.