First Step: How tax compliant are you really?

Tax avoidance and evasion are not games to be played lightly. Structures which inter-alia avoid taxation need to be continually reviewed .

Tax authorities have extensive powers against anyone and anything if they have reason to believe that you have skipped your tax obligations. But it is not a level playing field.

Tax authorities will not hesitate to re-interpret the facts; to claim your trust does not exist and tax you accordingly. The fact that you have taken good reputable advice, which says otherwise, is irrelevant.

Wealth ownership structures need therefore to be kept under continual review, not only against the current law, but more importantly against how tax authorities could interpret the facts of your case for their benefit.

Every effort needs to be made to ensure that all wealthy families pay their fair share of tax, but this does not mean that you are not allowed to plan and structure to protect your international wealth for future generations, from unwelcome attention and from opportunistic litigation. It should not be open to tax authorities to have these well laid out plans and structures to be set aside, by opportunistic third parties.

However to stand against an attack or investigation it is imperative to know how and from where an attack is most likely and prepare accordingly with the right structure and the right experts at your finger tips through the guiding hand and extensive network of experts from which GFOS can call.