Protection Planning

GFOS is a boutique law firm which acts for ultra high net worth families keen to protect their wealth through offshore structures, while at the same time giving them and their advisers control.

Caroline Garnham, CEO of GFOS, is a lawyer and tax specialist with decades of experience in guiding families to the solution which best suits them and their family. In our experience, families favour the creation of a special purpose trustee (the GFOS SPT) which appoints the family and their close advisers as executive board members tasked with making the decisions as to what and how to invest, who to appoint as managers and when and to whom to make distributions.

But, GFOS does not just create a structure, and let the family get on with it. We want to make sure the GFOS SPT pays the right price for their family office, asset management services and advisers, and gets the best possible return on their investment. If the family needs guidance on how and who to do this, we can, through our network of experts, carry out for you an advice and asset audit, to be discussed by your executive board, which can then decide what action, if any, to take and we will assist you in implementing it.

We encourage our UHNW families to place a positive obligation on their GFOS SPT to carry out asset and advice audits on a regular basis to ensure that the family wealth, however invested, continues to produce a good return on investment whatever the investments may be; equity, debt, commodities, passion investments, impact investments or charitable endeavours.

UHNW international families have never before been so exposed to investigation and attack. They need to be prepared. As from 2018, sensitive private financial information is to be exchanged across the globe, to and from tax authorities, from which there will be leaks and investigations. It is no longer possible for wealth to be out of sight and out of mind, it can no longer be hidden offshore.

At GFOS we understand these risks and the ways governments and unscrupulous parties - whether within the family or outside, will try to undermine offshore wealth ownership structures. But through our understanding we are able to protect and advise.

GFOS will guide you and your executive board on how best to minimise the scope of an investigation, and how and who is best to deal with any and all threats.

We cannot change the past, but we can put you in the right position to deal with the present and the future.

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