First Step: Succession

What is the point in accumulating wealth only for it to be squandered by the next generation, dissipated through inter family disputes or haemorrhaged to some undesirable third party, such as a former spouse or illegitimate child, for lack of an effective and binding succession plan.

Succession is not a science, it is an art. Knowing how people are likely to react when faced with the prospect of owning wealth or particular aspects of wealth - and how to manage the transition.

Step children, former spouses, rogues, business partners and shareholders - all may have misplaced expectations as to what they want, which can lead to lengthy litigation and the destruction of family harmony - all of which can be avoided with careful planning. 

Offshore trust structures are now under review due to the introduction of the OECD Common Reporting Standard (Automatic Exchange of Information) in 2018. You need to make your wishes binding and your structure robust and secure against attack whether from within the family or outside it. 

In accordance with our ethos, we listen to your concerns and wishes; and guide you as to how and who to assist you.

GFOS cares for its clients. It wants to serve you now only now but for many generations to come.