GFOS cares.

International wealth structures have grown over decades out of sight and out of mind. This is now set to change as governments all over the world receive detailed financial information about your international wealth, how it is structured and who is in control. This information, received under the OECD Common Reporting Standard as from 2018, is to be used to investigate and in some cases will be leaked to create claims, disputes and wealth dissipation.

This change in circumstance requires a change of thinking.

GFOS cares for its clients.

Garnham has thirty years guiding UHNW international families on how best to structure their wealth ownership. She brings her extensive experience and knowledge to create for her clients a bespoke, special purpose trustee (the GFOS SPT) so that the only persons taking the decisions are those the family trusts - totally; you and your personal advisers, with GFOS and its extensive network of experts to guide you.