Many UHNW clients have trusts. We help families stay in control of their assets and assist in effective money saving solutions regarding the way their trusts should be run. 

How should you treat step children? Should you treat all your children equally? When is the right age for children to inherit? Maybe you should decide now - maybe you would prefer to wait and see?

Who should you appoint as Trustees/Executors? Do they have too much/too little power. If you have a Protector, Letter of Wishes or reserved powers, it is unlikely that your trust will be robust to withstand the slightest dispute. 

Now that offshore trust structures are under the spotlight now is the time to get an independent review to make sure that your beneficiaries are getting the best possible service. 

In accordance with our ethos, we first listen to your priorities and concerns, and aim wherever possible to save you time and money.