2019 - let's make it a good one.

2019, is the year to win new business, and we want to do what we can to help you.


Here is an extract from my book, ‘Uncovering secrets; How to win business from Private Clients’ about how to go about it.


‘Traditionally, there are only two routes to market to win new business; making more out of what you have got…and networking.


All UHNW individuals need an adviser to help them manage their wealth. All UHNWs will need to put in a tax return and must have a bank for the safe custody of their wealth. By definition, all UHNW individuals in the world can be contacted - once removed - through their advisers.


Furthermore, if the adviser wants to build a trusted relationship with his or her clients, they use their extensive knowledge about them to find ways to assist. ….., this means recommending the services of those in their network to their clients. … in this manner … they get a qualified lead, pre-screened by your network and you are on the way to building a trusted relationship with your client.


Liz is an estate agent. She knows that Juan is coming from Argentina and she has been looking to buy a house for him and his family. She already knows a lot of valuable information about him, which she can use to help Juan and build trust, but also strengthen the ties with her network. She’s worked with Juan for several months and has got to know him quite well. If she focuses merely on her expertise she will be missing out on a valuable opportunity to use the information she has gleaned about Juan to win her new business.


As it begins to look as if a purchase is going to proceed, she will ask Juan who he’ll use to do the legal work for his purchase. If he does not have a lawyer, this is her first opportunity to make a recommendation.’ Liz introduces him to Shaun.


…. A month after the sale, Liz phones Juan to find out how he is getting on. He tells her that Shaun did a great job for him, introduced him to Jason who helped him with schools for his daughters, and is now working on a succession plan. He also tells her that he’s bought some new art which looks stunning in the flat and is starting a collection.


This is another opportunity for Liz. She asks him where he bought the art and whether he has proper insurance for it. She can now recommend Juan to an insurance broker and of course let the insurance broker know that she has done so.’


Having a good network is not about quantity, but quality.


‘If a contact, has neither the clients she is looking for or has services her clients could use, or are not the professionals she would like to refer business they need to be axed: they will not refer work to her and she will not be referring work to them.’…


Every professional should actively manage their network. ‘You need to record what work your network does, how often you have referred business to them, how many times you have gone out with them for coffee or tea, …’


‘Having an active network should be a two-way street. …’


‘The reason why advisers do not reciprocate business is either because they do not care for their clients or do not know what you do well enough to recommend you. ..’


In 2019, I will be working with BConnectClub and its UHNW members and single-family offices. BConnectClub is where UHNW individuals find deals they may not have come across, luxury products they may not know about and advisers they may need.


My role in working with the BConnectClub is to find out whether our UHNW members have structures which need reviewing, assets which need auditing and portfolios which need pruning. I will be actively involved through GFOS in working with them and in building trust by introducing them to the services they need from the BConnectClub directory. For this I need to build an unparalleled network of luxury product providers and best of breed advisers to which we can introduce our members.


To assist me, BConnectClub will be hosting four B2B events in 2019. The purpose of the event is not to educate, or to socialize, but to win business. This is done in two ways, first to introduce each of our advisers to a carefully selected group depending on who their clients are and what they want – which we call ‘matched networking’. Second, we want our subscribers to be visible to our UHNW members and single-family offices by creating a profile on our advisers’ directory. We can then direct our UHNW members to our advisers which they can then check out online.


Each event will have a limited opportunity for a sponsor to promote him or herself by presenting a case study. This case study will be sent to all our UHNW members, promoted online to all our subscribers and presented personally to our 100 hand-picked best of breed attendees.


If you would like to find out more about sponsoring one or more of our events – or attending an event and having a profile on our directory, please contact Barbara Brudenell Bruce on 020 484 5168 or 0970 00020 or if you would like to buy a book ‘Uncovering Secrets: how to win business from Private Clients’ or ‘When you are Super Rich who can you Trust?’ you can order direct from www.garnhamfos.com or from Amazon, or contact me at caroline@garnhamfos.com


Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year and a big thank you to all who bought a book for a Christmas gift.