A Club for UHNW Families

I am proud to announce BConnect, a Club for UHNW individuals and single-family offices, which combines the connections and expertise of both GFOS and Bespoke Connections to form a ‘one stop shop’.

Our mission is to introduce our UHNW members and single-family offices of which GFOS and Bespoke Connections have, between them hundreds, to investment deals, luxury products and advisory services through our digital platform. We use technology to connect our UHNW members and single-family offices with the opportunities, skills and expertise of our contacts and make the connections between them bespoke and personalised.

My boutique law firm, GFOS focuses on the protection of family wealth and the preservation of privacy, in a fully compliant manner. I was head of the private client department of Simmons & Simmons, and am a practicing lawyer and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. I have worked for some of the world’s wealthiest families for over three decades and know a lot of people, many of whom share my passion to connect the UHNW community and their single-family offices with investment opportunities, products and services they may not otherwise find.

In setting up Protection Packages for my UHNW clients I am frequently asked to be on the board of their ‘Headquarters’, the board which sets out the strategy for their single-family office or global business empire, either in an executive or non-executive capacity. From this lofty position, I am able to find out what these wealthy families want. They are looking for good returns without excessive costs, freedom from disputes, privacy and meaningful succession.

Ankush Mehta who founded and runs Bespoke Connections, is of the same view. He is in business with a team of 15, working for hundreds of single family offices helping them to find the investment opportunities they are looking for.

With record low interest rates and stratospheric compliance costs, single family offices are tasked to find good investment deals. Many speak highly of the service and connections Bespoke has made for them, but are also aware that if they are to see more deals in real time in their area of interest, across the globe, connections need to be made digitally.

Through BConnect we want to offer you a better way to connect to our UHNW individuals and single-family offices.

For centuries, the private client industry has relied on personal contacts to find the right investments, luxury products and advisers. Each adviser has on average 3,000 – 5,000 contacts, how can you keep in touch with them all, in a meaningful way, if not digitally?

In my book ‘How to win business from Private Clients’ I address this question.  Everyone has an innate fear of the influence of strangers – to build trust, this fear must be overcome. It takes between 5 and 12 touches before this innate fear begins to abate and trust starts to grow. If you only ever do this in face to face meetings – it can take years, Most people give up after just 2 touches – one meeting and one follow up. This is not enough to build trust and win business.

Only 1-2% will buy from a stranger, to win business effectively and efficiently, it is necessary to overcome the ‘innate fear of the influence of strangers’ and to connect more regularly - digitally.

My book sets out an eight-point plan and shows you how with the proper use of digital technology, you can increase touches and build trust electronically, easily, cost effectively and simply – at a click of a button.

If you have an investment opportunity, luxury product or advisory service which you think may be of interest to our UHNW members, and/or you wish to buy my book, simply contact Svetlana who will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

Our launch party is on the 20th March for our UHNW members and single-family offices. If you wish to find out more simply contact Svetlana on 020 3740 7423 or e mail on svetlana@garnhamfos.com