Summer party

Summer Party

What a glorious summer we are having here in London – I cannot remember so many warm days over such a long period. If asked where am I going for a holiday this summer – the answer is nowhere! It is so glorious right here, on my roof terrace overlooking Hyde Park.

And Summer is also time for Summer Parties.

Our BConnect Club held its second get together in the psychedelic room above the renowned Aquavit restaurant, in the heart of St James’ in London. A fabulous venue and the food was exceptional.

Like any Club event its members were there to enjoy the company of others, eat, drink, network and make new acquaintances. For those not familiar with the BConnect Club, it is the trusted partner for the private client.

In my book, ‘When you are Super Rich who can you Trust?’. The answer is no-one. But, you can trust the collective wisdom of like-minded people. Other wealthy families have had similar problems to yours, and collectively they know the dangers, opportunities and pitfalls. Many focus on how to find a good deal in which to invest their cash - it is not easy 

The trouble is that wealthy people do not always want many people to know too much as to who they are and what they are looking for. The BConnect Club recognises this. It is for like-minded people to meet others like them offline, but also to connect with investment opportunities, product providers and professional advisers online, and if desired can, through our team of relationship managers, be guided as how to find, what you are looking for.

As I say in my book,  J.K. Rowling when she first became liquid rich, is on record as saying that she was ‘terrified’. She did not know what dangers to look out for, or who to trust. BConnect Club is the 'go to trusted partner for the private client', both online and offline to help them steer a straight course through shark invested waters.

The name BConnect Club comes from our Joint Venture partners. Ankush Mehta is the founder of Bespoke Connections, and me the founder of Family Bhive the online forerunner to BConnect Club. Together we have formed the BConnect Club.

Bespoke Connections – does what it says on the tin, it makes connections, but before BConnect, its connections were only offline. However, now with an online presence these connections can be made more meaningful. We can now connect our members not only with deals, which Ankush and his team are so good at, but also with luxury product providers such as our sponsors Cult Wines, and services such as C6 which provides our members with due diligence and insight information.

Although we are only a few months old, connecting with the contact list of Ankush and my own contact list we already have membership with net wealth in excess of £24billion and £515million liquid assets to invest. BConnect Club may be a new kid on the block, but it already has a dedicated team and is growing every day.

This is why I am so thrilled to inform you, my readers, that Svetlana Galeva, who has worked for me for over four years, has joined the team at BConnect Club.  Svetlana is a natural connector and facilitator and I wish her every success at BConnect Club.

Meanwhile GFOS goes from strength to strength. 

GFOS is a legal boutique which specialises in providing international families with significant wealth, with control over their family offices and trust assets.

Everyone knows that a company has shareholders and company directors. The shareholders are given reports and can hold an AGM and EGM if they want more information or are keen to know if someone is behaving beyond their brief or not in a manner which is their best interests. Directors and shareholders may not always see eye to eye, but good governance with its formality and rules  keeps them muddling along without too much intervention from the professionals.

This is not however, always the case with the ownership structure and management of single family offices and assets held through offshore structures. Professionals are often left to manage personal assets with few if any checks and balances, such that when a difference of opinion emerges or a dispute arises, matters are often made worse by the professionals seeking out further professional opinions, which often slows down the dispute resolution and gives rise to missed opportunities.

Through my close connection with BConnect Club and its ethos, I would like to offer every wealthy family and Single-Family Office who joins The BConnect Club as a member a FREE consultation with GFOS to review what, if anything, can be done to improve the good governance in their single-family office or in relation to their assets held offshore.

If you would like further information please contact me on or call on 020 3740 7422 I can also be contacted if you would like to buy a book, which can also be bought on line from or at Amazon.